The Teresiana University Residence, traditionally known as Lar Teresiano, has been in Coimbra since 1937.

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    This was my home for six years of my life. Yes, it's been 6 years! Very different people passed through here and this Home has always welcomed them, as a mother does with her children. Many people came and went, continuing their lives elsewhere today. It was always like that. The University Residence Teresiana is always ready to receive those who come, being proud of those who go, because those who go, go inwardly richer, wiser, stronger.

    Even when the days were not going so well, when there was a “storm” outside, here I found shelter, a welcoming environment and people who reminded us that there is always something positive that we should value more. Here I found silence to study, colleagues who helped me and who I helped, sisters who always showed sympathy, understanding and support when the work was too much.

    If I went back to my first year and had to choose a house to stay, I would choose this house again, this Home, the Teresiana University Residence. I will always be grateful for the welcome at “meu Lar”, in Coimbra.

    Rosa Figueiredo
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    “For six years, Lar Teresiano - University Residence, was my home. In this space of companionship, I found availability, mutual assistance, understanding and unconditional support. At the end of my academic journey, I want to express my immense gratitude to the Sisters for the excellent welcome they have given me, as well as to my colleagues and friends, for the sincere and true friendships that we have consolidated. From here I will take magnificent memories, which will always make me return with longing to my eternal House, in Coimbra. ”

    Mª Antónia Serrano

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